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Ultrafiltration Plant

Envirotech UF systems are suitable for removing high turbidity peaks, particles and microbiological impurities (bacteria, viruses, parasites). Even with temporary or microbiological contamination after heavy precipitation the systems provide a constant filtrate quality – free of turbidity and pathogens.

The extremely robust hollow fiber membranes are operated in the economical cross flow/ dead-end process, thus reducing water and energy consumption to a minimum. A PLC guarantees fully automatic operation of the filtration system. A variety of control options ensures the highest possible degree of flexibility and operational reliability. Adapted to the untreated water quality, chemicals can be optimally added to support the cleaning process. 


  • Removal of turbidity with constant filtrate quality independent from fluctuations in the raw water quality
  • Very high bacteria and virus (referred to MS2 phages) retention rates of 99.999 % and 99.99 % respectively
  • Compact design ensures convenient installation in existing systems control room or in a container
  • Optional: Complete solutions with precisely matched pre- and post-treatment as well as waste water treatment.



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