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RO Plant

Envirotech offers series of reverse osmosis plants especially designed for the desalination of fresh water for industrial purposes:

Application areas :

  • Power Plants: supply of boiler feed water.
  • Electroplating/metal-processing industry: supply of rinsing water.
  • Beverage industry: supply of rinsing water, process and back dilution water.
  • Chemical industry: supply of rinsing water and process water.
  • Supply of rinsing water and process water for laboratory purposes and industrial washers.
  • Car-washing bays: supply of rinsing water.


  • Standard capacities available, on demand higher variation of capacities possible
  • Skid Mounted, compact design to occupy lesser area and easy operation.
  • Use of the newest generation of low pressure membranes
  • High system-salt-rejection up to 95%
  • Integrated semi-automatic cleaning conception and automatic rinsing systems for longer lifetime of membranes available on demand
  • Plants integrated into standard transport containers are available in all versions
  • Permeate capacity series: up to 50 m³/h, on demand also up to 100m³/h


Low operation costs compared to other available technologies. 
Reduced maintenance and service costs through best production quality with high percentage of in house production, use of durable high quality components and through matured and service-friendly plant design.


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