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Envirotech believes in adopting new technology for effective wastewater treatment. Electrocoagulation is one the best technology for wastewater treatment and wastewater recycling for the wastewater generated from dye and intermediate industries, oil processing units, textile processing units, sewage treatment plants.

Electro coagulation is a simple and efficient method to remove the flocculating agent generated by electro-oxidation of a sacrificial anode and generally made of iron or aluminium. In this process, the treatment is performed without adding any chemical coagulant or flocculants thus reducing the amount of sludge which must be disposed. Electro coagulation is based on the in situ formation of the coagulant as the sacrificial anode corrodes due to an applied current, while the simultaneous evolution of hydrogen at the cathode allows for pollutamt removal by flotation. This technique combines three main independent processes, operating synergistically to remove pollutants. i.e Electro chemistry, coagulation and hydro dynamics. An Examination of the chemical reactions occurring in the electro coagulation Process :-

Fe(s) Fe3+ + 3e- (Reaction at Anode)
3H2O + 3e- 3/2H2 + 3 OH- (Reaction at Cathode)
F3 +3 + 3 OH- Fe(OH)3
This iron Hydroxide flocs normally act as adsorbents and traps for metal ions so that they can be eliminate from the system.



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