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Sewage Treatment Plant

Envirotech offers a wide range of sewage treatment plants for removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage. The system utilizes physical, chemical and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants. They find extensive application in big hospitals, research centers and health centers. Sewage treatment plant comprises of collection tank, aeration tank, sludge digester, filter press, screen, dual media filters and diffused aeration system. 

Based on extended aeration principle, our range of standard sewage plants is available in capacity of 100 KLD in one single compact unit. We can also customize plants based on the specific application requirement of the process. The comprehensive range of water treatment plants includes aerobic treatment plants, anaerobic treatment plants, extended aeration plants, mobile sewage treatment plants, etc.

Modular Sewage treatment Plant

Envirotech’s  Modular sewage treatment Plant is a closed steel module with three chambers — aeration, settling and discharge-disinfection. Each chamber features the necessary access and inspection registers.This modular construction allows the increase of the processing capacity by placing more plants in parallel.All the instruments and control elements of the plant are housed inside an anti-vandal cabinet. These plants do not generate noise &odors due to their closed modular construction. Thedesign of these plants allows installation in a single day.

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