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Services of envirotech water treatment solutions

Offering customers the best 'value for money' products of exceptional quality at competitive prices. Meeting the evolving needs of customers by constantly seeking and acting on their opinions regarding product range, quality, choice, innovation and service.Building the competence of our employees through sound and systematic training programmes while rewarding them fairly with equal opportunities for all.

Improving profitability through investment in efficient systems, productivity-enhancement tools and new technologies. Working closely with suppliers to build long-term business relationships based on strict quality and price criteria. Achieving market leadership through fair, ethical and transparent business practices. Providing shareholders with outstanding returns on their investment.

Proper operation and maintenance of the products are very critical for maximum return on the investment (ROI). Envirotech has a team of very efficient and qualified service personnel who are professionally trained to swiftly and effectively attend to the service requirements of our customers. Utmost care is taken to ensure that genuine Envirotech-approved spare parts are used so that our products continue to operate with consistently optimal efficiency over longer periods of time.

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